Outrageous Pride (Unlikely Gentlemen #2)


WESTERN:  Natalia Fitzwilliam's plans are in ruins. Her almost fiancé has abandoned her, her house has been vandalized, and it seems like all the people in her little town are calling her a loose woman. It seems that these are the consequences of being born on the wrong side of the blanket. 

Irishman Kellan Lonigan is well aware that most well-bred young women wouldn't consider marrying him.  After all, he made his money boxing bare-knuckled, and he does have the appearance of a brute. But he has his heart set on beautiful Natalia. So, when she is in trouble, he sees his chance to playing the hero. Now the only thing they have to do is stay alive.

A feel-good western romance with some very intriguing plot twists! Kellan makes for a great hero who is not easily cowed:  strong, smart and willing to fight for what he wants. Natalia is a well-bred young woman who deals admirably with the things life throws at her. Together, they make for a perfect team. While the story itself was nicely executed, there were some parts which needed more time dedicated to them, for instance: the way the Natalia coped with the truth about her family, Kellan and his brother's relationship or the relationship between Kellan and Natalia. All in all, a western romance filled with lots of sparks, heinous villains and a couple who overcomes it all in order to live happily ever after!

Ana Smith