Outlaw Muse


WESTERN:  The uncivilized American West is not something Daman Rutledge, an English playwright, is used to. But here he is, in a small town in the middle of nowhere, watching as a woman is about to be hanged. He is not exactly sure how, or why, but he rescues her. And she is so much more than he ever imagined.


Serena Sullivan's luck has finally changed. A handsome man has just saved her life and is willing to help her escape from the corrupt sheriff's clutches. If only he didn't awaken these feelings in her. After all, nothing can come out of them: there can't be a future for a nobleman's son and a convicted murderess. Or can there?


An almost-proper English gentleman and a schoolmarm sentenced to hang for murder - definitely not an average couple! But looking beyond the surface, they are a surprisingly good match. Daman is no alpha hero (he can't even shoot a gun), but a writer with a very fertile imagination - his schemes are so out of this world that they actually work! On the other hand, there is Serena, who is far more practical and jaded, but still melts when Daman calls her his muse. While the relationship is front and center of the story, their adventures make for a thrilling read. There were some odds and ends that didn't quite fit (like Serena's brother, who felt off), but they are easily overlooked. This spellbinding read set in the wilds of American West, filled with adventure and romance, will easily become a favorite!


Ana Smith