An Outlaw’s Desire (Lost Riches Book 2)


Lady Blythe Welborne has one love, Pitt Rutherford. Even when both Blythe and Pitt were children the affection was there. Seven years later, both Pitt and Blythe have grown up. Blythe is a much-respected lady who is back to celebrate her friend’s wedding, and Pitt has become an outlaw with devious intentions. Pitt also has a son, and if Pitt doesn’t agree to betray the people he used to know, he will end up losing him. Pitt has no choice but to agree, so he goes to the Montgomery Keep, where he is supposed to double-cross everyone and take some treasure hidden there. He never expects to run into Blythe. The adoration between them has never gone away and could destroy everything they hold dear.

Ms. Catherine Kean’s enchanting fascinating historical novella will put anyone in a holiday mood! Sadly, the story, mostly due to its diminutive length, feels disjointed and choppy. Many parts seem to be missing. For instance, the heroine’s past and how the hero became what he is. So, readers feel truly disconnected from the action and also find it difficult to relate to the characters. There is a history between the hero and heroine, alas, the brief glimpses and even the quick intimate scene doesn’t help grow the relationship or feel believable. Blythe the ever-suffering heroine remains faithful to Pitt which is astonishing and admirable. Pitt cares for his son and shows affection, yet it’s hard to believe that he is really in love with Blythe. Nonetheless, “An Outlaw’s Desire” is still a quick enjoyable read!

Roslynn Ernst