Renae Marie

WESTERN:  Tanner Sheridan is the fastest rider for the Pony Express, but when a delivery goes bad and almost costs him his life, he is discharged. With the help of a preacher he is brought back to health. When a couple of outlaws show up at the church and demand that their old comrade in arms, the preacher, come with them for one last hold up, Tanner, showing a secret desire for adventure, goes instead. They attack the wrong stage coach and Tanner rescues the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Abigail Sutter pretends he was only her savior and not one of the outlaws, yet it will take more convincing - not only to the law but to her heart.

It only takes a few pages before it is clear that this story is a true gem, full of intrigue and adventure! Wonderfully paced with exuberant characters and a dynamic plot, the reader feels like they have stepped into the Wild West. Tanner is admirable and easily conjures the image of a young Hollywood hero. The sweet love that develops between him and Abigail starts innocently but escalates to mature and steamy, but with true love gripping their hearts. There are a few minor details that seem out of place and a little more time on Abigail's back story would have given perhaps a little more depth but over all this is a fantastic western romance that will keep readers dodging bullets but glued to each page! 

Margaret Faria