Only You: Duke of Rutland Series III

St. Michel

Nicholas, being the eldest, is forced to marry a woman of a certain stature: with a certain aristocratic background and a certain wealth to her name. Yet, his future turns dire when he’s kidnapped and wakes up on board of a Portuguese slaver. Luckily, he soon finds an ally there: Alexandra Sutherland. Alexandra is a baron’s daughter, but when her stepmother tried to poison her when she was only three, her nanny kidnapped her in an attempt to save her. As a young woman, Alexandra went looking for answers, only to be sold to slavers by her own stepmother. 

When the ship they’re on gets stuck in a hurricane, Alexandra and Nicholas end up on a deserted island. With no one to rely on but themselves, feelings that develop between them, feelings that can change their lives forever. 

This is the third book in the Duke of Rutland series. Each book focuses on a different son of the Duke of Rutland, a widower, and this book focuses on Nicholas, the Duke’s eldest son. As such, the book can be read as a stand-alone. It’s a solid read, but there are some distracting grammatical errors scattered through the book. The story is certainly far from predictable, and although readers will figure out right away that Alexandra and Nicholas will enter into a romantic relationship at some point, the road to love is still rocky and filled with twists and turns! The characters each bring unique elements to the table, and their personalities match really well. 

Majanka Verstraete