Only Rakes Would Dare (The Debutante Dares Book 5)


Lady Edith is between a rock and a hard place. Due to foolish behavior on her part, the London season is nearly over and she remains without a suitor in sight. Her father will have none of it, and so she madly pours out her feelings in her music. Griffin Paxton, the Earl of Eastern, is drawn to Edith like a moth to a flame. But she is a woman full of passion and is all wrong for him. Although he, too, is under orders to find a wife before his rake of a father dies, he is determined it should be someone who will help him restore the family name. Griffin has always relied on mathematical logic to maintain order and control, yet around Edith, he finds the ice he's encased himself in melting. When they enter a fake engagement, how long will it take before true love shows them what could be theirs if only they will dare?

"Only Rakes Would Dare" is a virtuoso performance of two wounded souls finding love! Edith and Griffin's romance is refreshing, as Edith tempts Griffin with her "rake-ess" ways. The interplay with Edith's brothers adds humor, even as it underscores the loneliness she feels in her family. Griffin walks a path that could lead to a proper, cold marriage, following the logic that such an alliance would avoid any of the excesses of his father. But Edith with all her passion brings him alive and soothes him at the same time. "Only Rakes Would Dare" is a story of true romance that will touch readers' hearts and leave them wanting more!

Tricia Hill