Only A Duke Would Dare (Seductive Scoundrels Book 2)


Theadosia is the daughter of a vicar, and since her eldest sister ran off with a man, she feels as if she lives in a cage. When the man that she has loved for years comes back, she knows she cannot have him but also cannot resist him. Victor, the Duke of Sutcliffe, returns home to marry because of obligations to maintain his inheritance. He runs into Theadosia, who immediately captures his heart, but Theodosia’s father is determined to have her wed a lecherous man. How will Victor convince Theadosia’s father to allow him to marry her? When secrets are revealed, Theadosia must make a decision to save her family or risk dangerous consequences. All hope seems lost, but Victor is determined not to give up on assisting Theadosia and her family. 

This sweet novella is everything readers want in a regency romance! Even though this book is short and fast-paced, it is also engaging and explores themes like love, duty and forgiveness. The characters are absolutely stunning. Theadosia has a quick wit about her and will not go down without a fight. Victor is a former philanderer who quickly develops into a man that anyone would be proud of. The villain in this story is also truly despicable, a scoundrel readers will love to hate. Be prepared to be glued to the pages of this beautiful regency that has a bit of fairytale flair. 

Amanda Hupe