One Wanton Wager: De Wolfe Pack Connected World


The widowed Lady Daphne, with her son’s future hanging in the balance, has decided it’s time she consider remarriage. Although quite handsome, the Earl of Bedford, Alex Le Bec, is not an option. His reputation leaves no doubt that marriage is not a part of his future. Despite the chemistry between them, Daphne refuses Alex’s advances. Determined to win her over, Alex proposes a wager. He will secure her future, and that of her son, if Daphne will give him the chance to court her.  Daphne agrees, believing she can control her attraction to Alex. But she will need more willpower than she bargained for to resist the oh so tempting Alex Le Bec!!

The plot of this novella length story is not exactly original, as countless other historical romance novels have been centered around similar wagers.  However, the sharp dialogue between the two protagonists makes this one standout from others like it. Alex is exceedingly confident and charming, with good reason, but Daphne is faced with a more serious moral dilemma. They remain on different planes, seeking different goals, neither one of them interested in compromise. This tension certainly creates a modicum of angst. In fact, one may begin to wonder if the couple will have a future together at all.  For such a short story, the characters are well-drawn, and the plot is fleshed out nicely. The ending is slightly rushed, but overall, this is an enjoyable short story, perfect for a ‘lunch-break’ escape.

Julie Whiteley