One Night His Lady: Shadows and Silk, Book 6


Dressmaker Eva is traveling with one of her most influential clients, the Duchess of Uxbridge, and duchess’ daughter, Lady Portia. Eva is finishing alterations on Lady Portia’s gown for the next night’s ball, where the Duchess anticipates the Marquis will announce his engagement to Lady Portia. The Duchess does not know Eva is already married to Lucien, the Marquis. They wed four years ago at Gretna Green followed by a spectacular wedding night, but Eva has never seen him since then—until now. So, Eva’s question to Lucien is, “How can he marry Lady Portia when he is already wed to her?” So, off the two of them go to Gretna Green to destroy the page in the marriage book holding the damning evidence. Eva has several secrets she should tell Lucien, but she keeps them to herself, including that they have a son.

“One Night His Lady” is a pleasingly written second chance novel of star crossed lovers. Betrayal and blackmail are at the heart of this story and keep it moving forward. The Marquis, Lucien, is a well-written hero who is likeable despite his many quirks. The world building is wonderful, and one can well imagine Lucien’s estate with its many acres of vineyards and pond. Eva is more problematic. She keeps secrets from Lucien until just before the end. The story is emotionally draining to read because of Eva, who constantly thinks of new reasons why she is unworthy of Lucien. The plot is somewhat difficult to follow with the many blackmailing schemes and side stories of secondary characters. Difficulties aside, this is a truly unique read for die hard historical lovers.

Belinda Wilson