One Last Letter


Evelyn Lancaster fell in love with Jesse Greenwood when she was 16, before she went away to finishing school. When she came home she hadn’t forgotten about her first love, but she thought it her duty to marry for money in order to help her father’s struggling ranch stay afloat. It didn’t seem to matter who Evelyn’s father brought to her as a suitor, they never measured up to the man that would always be in her heart. 


When Jesse left for California he never thought of returning to Hamilton, Texas, but after making his fortune he did return. What he hoped to find had turned into something he didn’t recognize. Would he be forced to watch his only true love marry another or would he be able to save his true happiness with “One Last Letter”?


Pema Donyo writes a wonderful story filled with love, sorrow, fear, greed, lies, and happiness. When a reader is able to sit and read a book cover to cover in a day because the book is so enthralling, it is most often proof the author has done their job. It is not always easy to find those books that leaves the reader with a ‘book hang-over’, but “One Last Letter” is one of them.!  Ms. Donyo’s characters are loveable, hateable, and so very real. Readers find themselves yelling at their books or tablets asking her characters: Why? Come On? He’s not the ONE! Those are all signs that point to a well written story. 


Mary-Nancy Smith