One Enchanted Scottish Knight


Tansy Bellrose Gant is accused of witchcraft by everyone in her village, except her parents. She is tied to a post, waiting to be taken to the Royal Commission to be tried for her sins. As she prays for help, a weary knight suddenly appears. At first, he accepts the situation as a village affair, yet inexplicably he finds himself rescuing the beautiful black-haired, silver-eyed damsel. As they travel, Tansy learns Malcolm Montgomery has been released from Donald Latham’s castle after being locked in the dungeon and tortured. His brother, Mercien is there still, tortured and kept for the ransom of Catha, the woman Mercien loves. Latham wishes to marry the beautiful Catha. Malcolm plans to abduct Catha, his childhood friend, and bring her to Latham. Tansy tells Catha of the situation, and they willingly go to rescue Mercien.

“One Enchanted Scottish Knight” begins with a knight rescuing a damsel in distress but segues into an adventure tale that includes sizzling sex, witchcraft, rescuing an imprisoned knight and the Royal Commission witch trials. The depictions of the characters show us the dark-haired Tansy as well as the fair-haired Catha. Malcolm has a darkness in his heart that matches his black hair. Latham, as the villain, is despicable, but not as strong a character or with as much depth as one would hope. He has others do the dirty work as he watches. Secondary characters such as the people of Slurt, Mercien, and even Murgo, Malcolm’s father, have little depth to add to the story. There are cliché in the story with the witch hunts, but Ms. Strickland adds an unexpected, refreshing twist to this delightful tale.

Belinda Wilson