Once Upon a Twelfth Night – A Haute Ton Reader Society Anthology

Christina Alexandra, Clair Brett, Sofie Darling, A. S. Fenichel,
Carrie Lomax, Erica Taylor, Tanya Wilde

The Earl and Countess of Stapleton invite you to celebrate the magic of Twelfth Night. Readers will thoroughly enjoy delightful novellas filled with scandal, humor, and passion RSVP’d by seven talented authors.

“Twelve Nights of Ruin” by Carrie Lomax

Disgraced debutante Holly and former soldier Reynard both find themselves in need of a spouse. After two wedding attempts, will they be able to make the third time the proverbial charm?

“A Twelfth Night Wager” by Christina Alexandra

Companion Adelaide and barrister Win can't stay away from one another. So, will their scandalous wager for mistletoe kisses become a sure bet when they roll the dice and gamble on love?

“Christmas Chase” by A. S. Finechel

Monty is charged to escort the Earl’s ward, Sarah, to Willoughby Castle but she leads him on a merry chase to Bristol. The two fall hard as they jump hurdles in a holiday sprint to the finish line of love.

“Three Kisses before Christmas” by Tanya Wilde

A childhood rescue leaves Wolfstan secretly in love with Rebecca who is saving her first kiss for another. During the holiday festivities, he steals her first, second, and third kisses to make his feelings known.

“Ruination of a Rogue” by Claire Brett

Known rogue Zander and husband hunting Maria share an instant attraction that must be strong enough not to ruin their chance for love.

“It Was Only a Kiss” by Sofie Darling

Witnessing a devastating rendezvous during the Twelfth Night Ball, Violet requests a kiss from Will. The wonder of his kiss causes her to bypass etiquette to hopefully get the man she’s come to love.

“What If I Still Love You” by Erica Taylor

Anna’s and Henry’s love affair failed ten years ago. When reunited at Willoughby Castle, their hearts require a leap of faith to give their love a second chance.

Tonya Mathenia