Once Upon a Scandal


Lady Jane Fitzsimmons has been ostracized following the scandal involving her father. Benjamin Alden, Viscount Marworth, befriends Jane following her father’s death only because he has an ulterior motive – to find the papers purportedly stolen by Jane’s father. Or is that his only reason?


After staging her death, Marworth introduces Jane back into society as Lilliane Fauchon, Jane’s widowed French cousin. Her mission? To unearth the traitor in the midst of London’s ton and find the secret documents that could spell either victory or defeat for England.


Intrigue, espionage, death threats, dark secrets! These are the ingredients of a good thriller. Mix this together with romance and it is a heady combination. It was interesting to see the transformation of Jane from the prim and proper lady, to one who was more comfortable in her own skin and eschewing the societal conventions she upheld prior to her staged death. Marworth’s big heart and penchant of helping the less fortunate was an interesting contrast to his reputation as a ruthless rake. Ms. Lemense has adroitly developed the characters that are multifaceted, thereby making them interesting. There is also a red herring that throws a spanner in the works but everything is pulled together into a satisfying conclusion. This is one of those Regency romance novels that will make one wish they were transported in time to be a part of this plot - and maybe catch the eye of an earl or two!


M.P. Ceja