Once Upon a Lifetime


TIME TRAVEL:  When Amelia Price made a bargain with a leprechaun in a moment of desperation, she was able to escape the 1800s and arrive in 21st century L.A. Twenty years later, her daughter Amy Price is sent back in her place.  Arriving back in time shortly after her mother left, Amy discovers that she didnt know her mother at all. Mistaken for Amelia, Amy must convince Lord Damien Harrington she is not the person who murdered her mothers fiancé before he takes her to be executed. Damien is convinced Amelia murdered her fiancé and is only concerned with escorting her to her father briefly before her trial. Can Amy last the week and prove her mothers innocence before her last chance to go home is gone, or will she be stuck in 1817 for good?


"Once Upon a Lifetime" is a regency romance with a twist, combining a murdered noble, a damsel in distress, a disenchanted but handsome second son of a lord, a villain in disguise, and a leprechaun. Readers will get a kick of out this read. It is cleverly done, smoothly written, and evenly paced. The interplay between Damien and Amy is both hilarious and full of romantic tension that fits the time period, but with modern catch phrases coming from the heroine that fly right over the heros head. The truth behind the murdered lord adds to the intrigue and is successfully wrapped up so that the end of the story leaves the reader satisfied but wishing for more! Overall, an extremely worthwhile read!


Sarah E. Bradley