Once Upon an Irritatingly Magical Kiss (The Whickertons in Love Book 3)


Lady Christina Beaumont is determined to save her best friend from an arranged marriage to Thorne Sharpe, a self-made man who is certainly not a gentleman. Her attempts to dissuade the dratted man go awry and it is Lady Christina who finds herself marrying Thorne! He knows his money is all that makes him acceptable to the aristocracy, but he has plans to implement and the only way to sway the Lords who hold power is to marry into their ranks. As Thorne sets out to court his soon-to-be wife, Lady Christina is at war with her own feelings. She wants to believe in her husband, but can she, especially when he reveals his secret? Thorne wants the close family relationship that Lady Christina knows well. Just as happiness seems in reach, all is threatened and the chance at family could be gone forever!

"Once Upon an Irritatingly Magical Kiss" charms and delights with the bonds of family and a matchmaking grandmother! Fans of the series will be pleased to see Lady Christina find her match and to revisit with the lively Whickertons. Once the engagement is announced, the pacing slows as the courtship period goes on and on. Lady Christina’s continuous comments about Thorne not being a gentleman grow repetitive and do not reflect well on her. Even so, Thorne's desire for a family is palpable, and his passionate focus on improving the working conditions of children is admirable. Furthermore, Lady Christina's willingness to grow and change adds depth to the story. Readers searching for a sweet historical romance that will warm the heart will be entertained by this touching tale of love!

Tricia Hill