Once Upon a Duke’s Wish (The Duke’s Lost Treasures Book 1)

Leo Stanton, Earl of Marbury, listened to the Duke of Rothwood, who wished things would have turned out differently. Leo and the duke are bound by the past, because Leo’s father was the duke’s daughter’s jilted betrothed. Miss Ella Wright and her two sisters are on a transatlantic voyage leaving Nova Scotia, for London, England. When the ship docks in London, Ella meets Leo. She feels an instant spark, yet, dismisses it because she won’t meet him again. When Ella gets to the Duke of Rothwood’s home—she is his granddaughter—no one expects them. As Ella adjusts to her new life, she comes to know Leo. Ella and Leo are deeply attracted to each other. However, a missing journal, together with the past, could destroy any hope of a relationship between the two. 
This is an adventuresome historical romance filled with treasure hunting, intriguing characters, love and loss all rolled into one! Ms. Williams writes concisely yet quite eloquently about wittiness, slight humor, familial ties, and sorrow. The tale is dark and melancholic with much death surrounding everyone. At times, things aren’t explained fully even though everything works out in the end. Each person seems trapped in the past; from the cold-mannered duke, to the brusque Leo, his mother, Ella’s other sisters, and even Ella herself. Leo is not the most cordial guy. Yes, he cares for others, yet he seems callous and not an ideal hero. Luckily, Ella, the level-headed, smart heroine, brings a bit of light into the story. Still, the tale is a captivating mystery that readers will enjoy.
Roslynn Ernst