Once Upon a Devilishly Enchanting Kiss (The Whickertons in Love Book 1)


Louisa has her eye on Phineas Hawke, the Viscount of Barrington, until she overhears him insulting her at a Ball. His insult hits a little too close to home, disclosing a secret she has been too ashamed to admit to even her closest family. Since then, she has loathed the man, making her feelings abundantly clear to him and everyone else. He, in turn, teases her relentlessly. As time goes on, they each begin to question their own feelings. Do they truly dislike each other, or is there a glimmer of attraction beneath the surface? Eventually, an incident involving Louisa’s sister Leonora draws the two of them together and they must come to terms with their feelings.

In “Once Upon a Devilishly Enchanting Kiss”, Bree Wolf has composed a Regency romance with a beguiling cast of characters. The sassy grandmother is completely endearing and each of the sisters is well-developed and unique, allowing room for individual personalities and adventures in this book and beyond. Ms. Wolf’s use of language, both in narrative and dialogue, truly engulfs the reader in the Regency feel. The singular pitfall in this story is the pacing. While the story arc itself is interesting and well developed, the middle of the book moves along too slowly. The conflict stalls, not growing or developing much for a long enough period of time to begin to feel a bit repetitive. But once things get moving again, the storyline is once again intriguing. The author’s writing immerses her readers in a fun, historical adventure with swoon-worthy heartthrobs and spitfire female protagonists that leave readers wanting more!

Shailyn Rogers