Once Upon an Accidentally Bewitching Kiss (The Whickertons in Love – Book 6)


A second-chance romance between Troy Beaumont, the heir of the Earl of Whickerton, and Lady Leonora, a widow whose husband was of less-than-stellar character. Troy and Nora were once attracted to one another, before Leonora married another man and broke Troy’s heart. He has no desire to marry but realizes he must as it’s his duty to produce an heir. Nora still has feelings for Troy as well but believes they cannot marry because she cannot have children. Or so she thinks.

“Once Upon an Accidentally Bewitching Kiss” is the sixth book in the series and brings back a number of the characters from the previous stories. While all the supporting characters add to the story, the star is Grandma Edie and her ability to nudge Fate in the right direction. Unfortunately, the main characters aren’t nearly as exciting. There is quite a bit of redundancy as seen through both Troy’s and Nora’s internal thoughts. At times, the redundancy feels more like filler than any actual attempt to move the story forward. It is nice to see Troy be accepting of Nora, even when they believe they’d be childless. The love scenes are tastefully done and romantic. The last third of the book picks up, and the final couple of chapters delightfully bring the story to a happy conclusion—thanks, of course, to Grandma Edie. Fans of Regency romance will enjoy the familiar nuances of the book, as well as the touch of whimsy added by Edie’s efforts to aid in her family’s happiness.

N.E. Kelley