Old Amarillo: Amish Journeys


AMISH WESTERN:  Katie Knepp is an Amish woman thirsting for adventure, so she leaves all that she knows behind, including her family, and decides to walk to Texas. Along the way she meets a bounty hunter, outlaws, gypsies, and a family who reaches out to help her. Her Amish boyfriend also joins her on the trail and she definitely finds the adventure she was looking for, but it’s not all she expected. Did she make the right decision after all?


An Amish adventure story is unique enough in itself, but Katie Knepp has enough adventures to last through several stories! The author has our heroine experiencing one thing after another with coyotes, a bounty hunter, an outlaw, wildfire, a temp job with a gypsy, long-lost family, illness, Indians, and a Texas rancher out to kill people crossing his land. With so many things going on, Katie barely has time to react to one situation before she’s thrown into another, which makes it difficult to truly experience it or get to know and love Katie.  The author has writing talent and the details included in her settings made the locations easy to imagine, but the storytelling aspect would have been showcased even more if one or two plot points had been developed well and gave depth to the characters instead of merely surface descriptions. There is a lot of potential here and with a little focus, this would be an author to watch.


Kate Campbell