A Nurse for Brayden (Nursing the Heart #14)


Genevieve Masters has finally achieved her lifelong dream. With her nursing certificate from the Harrow School of Nursing in hand, she begins a new job at the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, right as an outbreak of Smallpox hits the local population hard. Dr. Brayden Jenkins has no time for pretty nurses who only want to find a doctor to marry, and the minute he meets Ginny, he’s sure she’s just the latest nurse looking for the money and status that comes with being a doctor’s wife. As the outbreak threatens closer to home, Ginny is given the chance to prove to Brayden that she is more than the kind of nurse he’s known in the past.

A sweet historical set a couple years after the end of the Civil War, this novella gives insight into a time rarely written about. A simple stand-alone tale, the story quickly introduces Ginny and Brayden, the conflict and the beginnings of their romance. Understandably, the short length prevents much complexity in the characters, their romance, or conflict, which is a drawback for some. Instead, this book offers a brief escape into the past, a light romance, and the kind of unique settings that fans of this genre will want to learn more about. In fact, the main drawback of this book is that it’s not longer, making the reader wish they had the opportunity to explore the relationships and setting more.

Sarah Bradley