Notorious (Poisonous Passions – Book 1)


Set in New York City during the Revolutionary War, “Notorious” is the story of Delia Wolcott, her family, and the death of her brother, supposedly at the hands of British soldiers. Delia vows to avenge her brother’s demise, so she takes on the mysterious persona of Foxglove, a shadowy figure working on behalf of the colony rebels who dispatches a number of British soldiers using poison. William Travers, Lord Carrington, is sent to New York by the king to track down Foxglove and bring him to justice. Little does he know the young woman he finds himself attracted to is the stealth criminal. Once he discovers Foxglove’s true identity, he’s torn between his duty to the king and his desire for the lovely Delia.

“Notorious” by Mae Thorn is the first book in this new series of mystery romances. Delia, the heroine, is strong and resourceful and adamant about avenging her brother’s death. Lord Carrington is the epitome of an English gentleman and officer. When he’s offered refuge at the Wolcott home, Delia’s family attempts matchmaking between Delia and the handsome Lord. It isn’t long, though, before Carrington realizes Delia is behind Foxglove, yet he can’t bring himself to arrest her, and returns to England without unmasking her. Out of sight isn’t out of mind, and they finally declare their feelings, which causes Delia to leave New York to marry Carrington and take up residence in England, which, of course, sets up the next book in the series. There are open-door love scenes, however, they are not graphic. Fans of some great action along with a very under-utilized time in history will love this book.

N.E. Kelley