A Note of Change – A Timeless Victorian Collection

Esther Hatch, Nichole Van,
Annette Lyon

“Waiting for the Post” is a witty story about a six-year-old love letter mistakenly posted. Childhood friendship, miscommunications and insecurities between Harry and Christine must be erased before their secret and unfulfilled feelings of love can flourish. Readers will enjoy the banter and sigh over the sweet ending.

“A Ring of Gold” is a delightful tale of two people society deems a match. An asthmatic novelist and a flamboyant poet are touted as a literary power couple by the press and society. However instead of wanting the attentions of Ethan, the poet, Viola’s breath is stolen by his older brother, Malcolm. Are their feelings strong enough to forego society’s demands? Readers will appreciate the depth and distinctness given to each character in this love triangle.

“A Rose by Any Other Name” is an angst filled tale of star-crossed lovers. Rose, an orphaned kitchen maid and Oliver, eldest son of her employers, fall in love. Under duress, Rose signs a contract not to see Oliver for one year. Hopefully with help of a newfound friend and a long lost guardian, the two may have a chance to fulfill their heart’s desires. The secondary characters have stronger voices than the lovebirds; however, readers will still be satisfied due to a great plot twist.

“A Note for Change” is a compilation of charming Victorian love stories centering on the written word. Old love letters, books of adventure and poetry, and contracts of obligation are used to deliver tales of romance for readers to enjoy.  The authors of these delightful shorts manage to deliver tales filled with humor, anguish, and happily ever after. One story even throws in villains to root against! This is a collection perfect for readers to escape to a world of innocence and the chivalry of days long gone!

Tonya Mathenia