Not an Ordinary Baronet


After meeting on the beach one fateful night, Sir Bertie and Lady Catherine begin a new and unexpected relationship. Having just ending an engagement, Lady Catherine wants to be away from society to mourn in peace. However, after exploring some caves on the beach, she encounters some smugglers. While she did not recognize them, one of them starts coming after her. Now with Catherine’s life potentially on the line, Sir Bertie makes it his job to make sure no harm comes to her. As time goes on Catherine not only has to worry about her life, as the man coming after her gets bolder in his attempts to harm her, but she also must decide where her heart truly lies. 

Switching between Bertie and Catherine’s point of views, the book gives readers a look into the hearts and minds of its main characters. With an interesting plot line and relatable characters, one could easily sit and enjoy “Not an Ordinary Baronet” all in one sitting. Despite this, however, the book tends to rehash old information and seems to lack some background information on characters, especially Lady Catherine, which would add to the story. That being said, overall, the book does a good job of keeping one’s attention and, with two great main characters leading the story, one will not be disappointed picking up this book. 

Hannah Hurdle