Nobody’s Duke (League of Dukes, Book 1)


Ten years ago, Clayton Ludlow, illegitimate son of the Duke of Carlisle, fell in love with Araminta, daughter of an Earl. That love ended badly. Now it is his duty to protect the same woman, now the widow of a Duke and mother to a young son. Set in Victorian England, Clay must protect Ara and her son from assassins out to finish the job started with the Duke of Burghly. The passionate love Ara and Clay once had is now replaced by bitterness they feel toward one another. Will Clay’s anger and hurt, harbored ten long years prevent him from keeping Ara safe? Will Ara be able to maintain the cold façade that guards against a passion she finds increasingly hard to deny? Secrets, family prejudice, intrigues, and shadowy assassins combine, forcing Clay and Ara to confront their past, and the future only holds hope—if they survive.

“Nobody’s Duke” is a wonderful, fast-paced and sumptuous tale! Ms. Scott masterfully weaves the story between the earlier Ara and Clay’s youthful, vibrant and innocent selves and their older, wiser and embittered selves. The depth and honesty of the outstanding characterizations is only matched by the blazing chemistry between the main characters! Even the secondary characters are woven into a lush tapestry at once lively and real. If there is one flaw, it is the slight overabundance of older Ara and Clay’s internal angst, but that is easily forgiven as the story sweeps its readers along, leaving them no choice but to fall in love with Ara and Clay and root for their love to rekindle and overcome the evil prejudices of a rigid society. Excellent!!

Marc Joseph