Noble Scoundrel (Peril & Persuasion Volume 1)


Mason Hale is one of the most feared men in London’s East End. He reluctantly agrees to become a bodyguard to a young Duke in order to pay off some debts. Lady Katherine Blackwell is determined to keep her brother safe after several attacks on him. She hires Hale and immediately feels a stirring within her. As they grow closer, they could never have imagined just how deep the plot against the Blackwell family goes, and just who is behind it. Will they be able to escape the danger and get to be together? Or will the blackguards with the nefarious plot steal their happy ending?

Bring together two characters who are fiercely independent, and a wild ride is sure to ensue. This is exactly what Amy Sandas gives us with this fiery novel, which has a mystery to boot. Mason and Katherine are both headstrong and the dialogue between them is explosive, along with the sexual tension. The plot moves at a brisk pace making this a great page turner. There are some places where the description could have been more in depth and it did slow down the story slightly, but it soon picks up again. Historical Romance is such a popular genre and what makes a good one is the use of correct terms and dialogue, which has been done beautifully in “Noble Scoundrel”. This is a stellar starting point for this brand new series, and it will be fascinating to see where Ms. Sandas takes it from here!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick