No Lady for the Lord (Daughters of Desire: Scandalous Ladies #2)


Lord Ronan Brockman led a charmed life, handsome, wealthy, and free, until a letter arrives naming him the guardian to two young girls. While he has no idea what to do with two young misses, their fascinating governess has several firm opinions on the matter. But rumors abound, and Ronan isn’t so sure he can trust her with the rearing of his wards, even if something about her calls to his heart. Mercy Feathers cares deeply for her charges, too much so to act on the attraction she feels for their guardian. After all, she knows better than most the consequences of breaking the rules of society. Yet, as Mercy and Ronan are brought together over their shared responsibility, the ghosts of the past begin to stir, and suddenly, breaking the rules might be the only way to save both their hearts.

The governess falling for the Lord is a long-standing trope in historical fiction, and yet this novel is proof that readers will never get enough of it. A delightful rendition of this classic love story, this book is a balance of both originality and solid tropes that bring the readers back for more. This tale is given some minor boosts through a few twists and a lack of major miscommunication which normally detracts from a story. The ending is predictable and the characters are fairly shallow with a heavy reliance on attraction to push the romance forward. However, the quick pace and sweet romance makes this book an ideal read for a lazy weekend, and should easily make it worth a closer look by any lover of this genre!

Sarah E Bradley