No Job For A Woman

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Deborah, a widow finds herself soon under the attack of her neighbors, The Granger's as she tries desperately to run her late husband’s estate. While a single lady trying to run an establishment is severely looked down upon, she never backs up one step, always pressing forward to do what she feels is right. Whether kidnapping, losing an inheritance or other issues, this story goes deep into the life of Deborah as she opens herself up to the reader. She is a very independent lady who desires to take care of what is rightfully hers, but sometimes things become larger than even she can handle. When it seems as though Deborah is in dire straits, her brother has a good friend, Julian, that steps in to help by offering to marry her and protect her assets from these rough neighbors. 

While there are several ups and downs throughout the story, the reader will become attached to this endearing damsel in distress and finds oneself pulled into her life, cheering for love to truly develop.  The theme of the support of family and friends can be found as everyone steps up to help as best they can. While the story is good, the flow is somewhat slow and awkward at times causing a plodding pace and hindering the interest while reading. The best words of the book are found at the closing when Julian asks Deborah:  "Have I told you yet today, that I love you?" What a beautiful ending to a overall good story!

Darin Godby