Nighthawk: Sons of de Wolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 7)

Kathryn Le Veque

MEDIEVAL:  Brighton De Faveraux is a postulate at Coldingham Abbey and as such, her life’s course has been set out for her - until she is kidnapped by a band of brigands.  Innocent of her past and of the world outside the Abbey walls, she must put her trust in Patrick de Wolfe, the handsome stranger who rescues her. Patrick’s life course is as set as Brighton’s.  He is about to leave the family seat to become a member of the king’s personal guard. When Patrick rescues Brighton, their lives are forever changed.

“Nighthawk” is an entertaining story filled with romance and adventure.  The attraction between Brighton and Patrick develops naturally and doesn’t feel forced or artificial.  Since Brighton was raised in a convent, her innocence of the outside world makes sense and the reader enjoys her journey of discovery.

Patrick as a character sometimes is a little too good to be true.  A warrior with the heart of a poet, he is sometimes too one-dimensional with his infinite patience and strict adherence to honor.  A few rough edges would make him a little more accessible to the average reader.  The plot is well thought out, if a little predictable.  Ms. Le Veque deftly manages to avoid historical romance tropes such as nonsensical misunderstandings between the characters and allows the plot to move along with enough twists and turns to keep the story entertaining.

Gwenellen Tarbet