Night of the Owl (The Novels of Ravenwood Book 4)


Ardath Nightshade climbs the “stairway to nowhere” at the urging of Professor Henri Seacrest. Upon reaching the top, the stairs vibrate and Ardath finds herself transported to the year 1102!  Freya meets her and tells her she is expected. She is whisked away to the castle of Hugh Seacrest, who looks remarkably similar to Professor Seacrest! Hugh needs a scribe to write his family history, and Ardath tells him she can do it. Hugh doubts she will be able to do the illuminations he requires for she is a woman. She proves herself, and they start on his history. He recalls the ship his mother was on which wrecked. His father always said his mother was his treasure on the ship. Meanwhile, trouble is afoot. Others are exploring the caves near the castle, looking for the treasure supposedly lost in the shipwreck. The more Ardath works with Hugh, the more she falls for him. Does Hugh return her feelings? How can this relationship last when she knows she will have to return to her own time?

“Night of the Owl” is an enchanting tale of an improbable romance that spans centuries. Miss Sterling brings the story to life through the antics of Ardath and of Hugh doubting and challenging her. The story has a sluggish beginning, but it picks up its pace becoming a page-turner as it approaches the end. Many secondary characters are met throughout the tale, but few are developed. The timeline seemed straightforward until the end, when things get jumbled and confusing. The story is imaginative, delightful and full of mystery that fully engages the reader.

Belinda Wilson