Night at the Opera (An American Heiress)


After two unsuccessful seasons in New York, American heiress Gwen Barton plans to focus attention on helping orphans with disabilities. Her own damaged foot has turned away one suitor already. However, her mother is determined to see Gwen suitably married and arranges for Gwen to have a London season. During a night at the opera, Gwen comes across a wounded gentleman. Neither exchanges name, but they exchange a sweet kiss. As Gwen tries to discover the identity of her gentleman, she also becomes entangled in the hunt for a German spy among her various suitors. Avery Winfield is nephew to a duke and a British spy. Attaching himself to the American heiress allows him to stay close to his suspects and appease his uncle who is after him to marry. He has no intention of marrying while he works for the Crown, but he had not counted on Gwen's sweetness and intelligence or her ability to tear down the walls around his heart and teach him about faith and love.

"Night at the Opera" is an inspirational historical romance that will touch hearts. Gwen is eminently likable as a heroine who has learned to live life on her own terms. Avery has long given up on God, but as he chases down a spy and inadvertently puts Gwen's life in peril, he rediscovers faith and the ability to love. The pre-WWI setting makes for an exciting backdrop. This story will keep readers turning the page until the very satisfying end!

Tricia Hill