The Night Medicine

Jody A.

Dean Wolfsblood knew it was a bad idea. Letting his friend, fellow Blackfoot and ex-Marine Badger Lewis, convince him to take a trip to the past? What could possibly go wrong? Nothing, except for the grizzly bear that chases Kai, a beautiful Cree woman, into the past with them. Not only is it impossible to speed up their return, but their first encounter didn’t go so well, so she’s feeling quite antagonistic. But they will have to stick together so that they can survive 1868.

When reading “The Night Medicine” it’s quite obvious that a lot of thought was put into the mechanics of time travel, as well as the mythology that surrounds it. The ceremony itself, the gods and the Dragonfly medicine pipe all come together to form a captivating picture. True, there was a lot of information to process, and some readers might find that a bit off-putting, but it only adds depth to the story. As for the characters, they don’t present themselves in the best light at the beginning of the book, and that makes it hard to cheer for them. The ending is a bit ambiguous and open ended, but still satisfying. All in all, a sweeping story that will make the reader cheer for the reluctant heroes! 

Ana Smith