A Newfound Land (The Graham Saga #4)


Life in colonial America was not easy, especially for a woman who grew up in the 21st century.   Alex has become accustomed to the back-breaking work, but it’s the attitudes and prejudices of the time that set her blood boiling.  Even her beloved husband, Matthew, has a hard time with her out-spoken ways and opinions.  

Everyone is not so accommodating as Matthew, however, and his enemies would love nothing more than to shut both Alex and Matthew up - forever.   As tensions rise and old grudges take on new life,  they must find new ways to protect their growing family while keeping their dignity and convictions in place.

This, the fourth in the continuing Graham saga, embeds a resonant depth to the feelings and hardships living of living on a new frontier.  The author deftly winds the reader through the Puritan piety, prejudices and hypocrisy that existed in attitudes from women to Indians to the very essence of right and wrong.  It’s riveting to experience life through Alex’s eyes, so very like our own, as she deals with all this life entails.  The pace of "A Newfound Land"  is somewhat slower than previous books and without a definite arc; rather it lends itself to the common ups and downs in life - strife mixed with joy and threaded throughout.  It would be difficult to read this as a stand-alone. Much of the story revolves around characters and experiences in previous books.  Without that knowledge it will seem confusing.  Given the absolute addict-ability, depth and enjoyment this series delivers, however, one should not miss the opportunity! 

Ruth Lynn Ritter