New Banker in Town & Happy Endings (Sweetwater Book 4)


Sweetwater, Kansas, has a plethora of couples splashing in the fountain of love. These two tales of second chances provide a cascading downpour of passions to overcome obstacles in the pursuit of happiness.

“New Banker in Town” - Seeking closure, Collette orchestrates what she hopes to be a one-night stand with a lover from her youth. Arriving in Sweetwater to open a bank branch, Paul is pleasantly surprised to find the woman waiting in his hotel bed is his lost love from the past. To Collette’s surprise, Paul has no intention of letting her slip away from him again.

“Happy Endings” - When a doppelganger’s stolen kiss makes Molly and Franklin realize they’ve fallen in love, they embark on a romance filled with dangerous deceptions and family betrayal. Franklin’s twin brother, Hamilton, arrives in Sweetwater to mend fences and escape his criminal past. Unfortunately, Hamilton’s shady shenanigans follow him which results in Franklin receiving a beating that causes amnesia. Molly must decide if she can accept her sweetheart’s memory loss and restart their romance from the beginning.

Readers will want to travel back in time and head for Sweetwater in the hopes of finding a sweetheart of their own. "New Banker in Town & Happy Endings" delivers a combo of two romantic tales filled with old-fashioned gallantry and timeless passion. The women are self-sufficient, sassy ladies who attract protective, prosperous men. The town of Sweetwater is filled with characters striving to make a better life for themselves while helping their neighbors accomplish success. Readers will enjoy the different relationships that continue to be included in the ongoing saga of the series. New secondary characters provide anticipation for new romances to come. Susan Payne delivers two more heartwarming tales in the ongoing expansion of Sweetwater and its pioneering townspeople on their missions to find love.

Tonya Mathenia