Never Trust an Earl


After the tragic suicide of her father, Olivia Jenner is forced to become a housekeeper. When the heir of the man Olivia believes is to blame for her father’s downfall arrives, she determines to obtain a position in his household in order to find proof.  Dominic Thorne is not the rakehell he has been painted as, however, and as Olivia observes him working to right the wrongs and clean up the messes his uncle left him, her commitment wavers. Before she can prove guilt or innocence, though, it becomes apparent someone is trying to kill Dominic! As the race to discover the villain intensifies, Olivia must decide if her quest for redemption is worth the life of the man she is coming to love.

What a captivating regency romance! It superbly portrays all the beauty of the era while allowing the reader to join in the characters’ struggles and hardshipsas well. The descriptions and dialogue seem so wonderfully real that readers are able to feel a part of that very place and time. The plot progresses at an easy, relaxed place, evoking more of “a look into the life of” the times. Though there is rarely anything to keep one reading, much less on the edge of their seats, it’s always enjoyable to open the book. There is an odd sex scene that comes out of nowhere and goes completely against the characteristics the author has established for both Dominic and Olivia. The villains are quite obvious and their exposure anti-climactic. Still, if one enjoys a lovely historical romance that flows beautifully and reads easily, this story will truly be a delight!

Ruth Lynn Ritter