Never a Proper Lady (Daughters of Desire – Book 5)

By modern standards, Lord Constantine Kellinggrave would be considered a nerd. He
studies butterflies and other species that pollinate plants and flowers. Faith Roth is not a
proper lady of the ton, but she has goals. She wants to be a scrivener, and when the
opportunity to work for Lord Kellinggrave lands in her lap, she’s not even concerned that
it’s because he lost a bet and had to hire her. She’s determined to do the best job possible in
a male-dominated profession, and much to the Lord’s consternation, she is exactly that...
very good at her job. Even though they butt heads, he can’t deny her abilities. Still, he’s
determined to get her to quit by insisting she accompany him to his family’s country home
for his sister’s wedding. A misunderstanding leads to a marriage of convenience to save
their reputations. It doesn’t take long for their even closer proximity to turn into more than
a fake marriage.
“Never a Proper Lady” is a funny, mysterious romp through the Regency era with two very
likeable characters. Despite his gruff and stuffy exterior, Constantine turns into an entirely
different person when he’s not under London’s microscope. There are times at the very
beginning where Constantine is a bit too stuffy, so the character redemption when he’s
among his family shows wonderful growth in his character. Faith turns out to be his match
in a number of ways, not just a professional capacity. The author has created a very
entertaining storyline that is clean and wholesome while still giving us a romantic
adventure. Lovers of sweet Regency Romance are sure to love this book!
N.E. Kelley