Never Had a Dream Come True


Young Lady Penelope has always been in love with Lord Richard “Rake” Darling, but he has always seen her as more of a doting younger sister and the best friend of his niece. Then one day, it’s as though he’s seeing her for the first time and he recognizes her for the woman she’s become. Penny is thrilled at first that Rake is paying attention to her, but is soon wary of him and wonders if she is merely the next conquest of this libertine. Rake is a man of few words and Penny has a penchant for misunderstanding what he has to say to her. He says he wants only her, while she requires him to declare his undying love.


Penny and Rake are multifaceted characters who both carry a lot of baggage with them from their pasts. They are easy to relate to, because almost everyone has had episodes when they’ve lacked confidence. There is treachery and betrayal at its worst in this and Duchess of Berkeley, Rake’s parents, they take Penny in and nurture her when her own parents won’t. This novel is fast paced and impossible to put down. There is no good place to stop when reading this excellent novel of love, evil, betrayal, and dreams come true!


Belinda Wilson