Never Doubt a Duke (The Never Series Book 1)


It is time for Lady Cornelia, Nellie for short, to marry. Her father has matched her with Charles, the Duke of Shewsbury. Nellie is nervous. She has had her heart broken before. Not only, that but she has heard about the Duke's mistress and his past. This is not the type of man she wants to marry, but when she meets him, she finds him attractive and kind. Charles has had his own fair share of heartbreak. He intends to find someone he can live with but not love. He hides a lot of his past from Nellie, and she from him. There is no denying their chemistry, but things constantly go awry as past lovers enter the picture. Both struggle with jealousy. If there is no trust, can their relationship survive?

This historical romance shows that love is a promise for the future, but trust is a key ingredient. This story has a more realistic depiction of what it may have been like to enter an arranged marriage. They did not know each other and get to know each other after they are betrothed. Love is work, and so is trust. There comes a point when they both need to be honest with each other. The lack of communication runs throughout the entire story and wears itself out after a while, but Nellie and Charles shine.  It is not often when a duke so readily supports his future wife’s ideas from the get-go. Nellie is intelligent and full of grace who will not give up everything she stands for, for a man. This is the first book in a series and readers will immediately want to dive into book two!

Amanda Hupe