Never Dance With a Marquess (The Never Series Book 2)


When Captain Nicholas Ambrose is summoned by Maxwell, Baron Leeming, he is shocked when Max asks Nicholas to be the guardian of his children when he dies. He also requests Nicholas keep his children safe from his evil brother, Simon Leeming. Nicholas agrees, hoping never to have this responsibility. Six years later, Nicholas finds himself the guardian of two teenagers and a ward who is nearly twenty-one, ready for her come-out in London. Nicholas was once in love, but she died a tragic death, so he has vowed never to marry. Carrie, the debutante, wants to be free of the opinions of men and prefers never to wed. Unfortunately for both of them, they are immediately attracted to one another. Even so, Nicholas is determined to marry Carrie off to a suitable man, no matter how much it hurts his heart.

“Never Dance With a Marquess” takes the reader on a journey through the psyches of both Nicholas and Carrie. The characters of Carrie’s teenaged brother and sister are endearing although their antics could easily prove to be fateful to them or others. Some scenes are slow, but picks up the pace deeper into the story. One gets emotionally involved as Simon Leeming tries to usurp Nicholas’ authority, and Simon shows his true character. All the characters are three dimensional and easily relatable. The world building is excellently executed, and one finds themselves immersed in the 1800s, living with the mores of the times. A truly outstanding tale of romance between an unlikely hero and heroine! Ms. Andersen delivers a beautifully orchestrated story destined for the ages!

Belinda Wilson