Never Dance with a Duke (Seductive Scoundrels #7)


Nicolette Twistleton has dealt with being jilted by her betrothed the day before their wedding by attracting every male she can and then solidly cutting them down. With visions of travel in her head, she is certain she will find happiness and safety for her broken heart in adventure. Mathias, Duke of Westfall cares little for his title and prefers the trade that has made him wealthy to the rigid unwritten rules of society, but he is more than willing to be distracted by the lovely Nicolette, provided he can convince her to trust again. Scandal haunts the pair, but with so many friends in common, Mathias is given several chances to win over Nicolette, and he is determined to make the most of them and find their own happily ever after.

Readers often wonder what happened to that one character from their favorite series, that popped up quite a bit but was plagued with misfortune and always seemed to be sidelined. In “Never Dance with a Duke” that ‘friend’ is finally given room to find her own happy ending, as the jilted and hurt Nicolette is brought together with the handsome, wealthy, and of course, titled Mathias with a bit of a bang. Reading like a novella, this quick-paced tale does not bother to develop complex conflict or depth but rather focuses on the sparks between the main characters, and the steps needed to build up Nicolette’s trust again. Utilizing the beauty of the approaching Regency era society as a backdrop, readers will find much to enjoy about this “Seductive Scoundrels” addition so full of steam, and just might want to add it to their to-read list!

Sarah E Bradley