Le Veque

It’s 1197 A.D. and Englishman Sir Keller de Poyer has been rewarded for years of service as a knight. Rich and titled in his own right, he has no need of lands, title or wealth, but his liege, William Marshall, has contracted for him to assume the title of Lord Carnedd of Nether Castle in Powys, Wales.  With that title comes a wife who is the daughter of the former lord, in order to keep the region safe from Welsh rebels. He will do his duty no matter how displeased he is at the prospect. 


Chrystobel D’Einen has no say in the matter of her marriage, but could life tied to a stranger, even a hated and feared Englishman, be any worse than her current situation? Family secrets threaten their union from the very beginning and Keller must secure his new home and family before his brother-in-law destroys everything he’s come to hold dear. 


Kathryn Le Veque masterfully wrings a gamut of emotions out of the reader in this beautifully written tale. Richly detailed, with larger-than-life characters and smoothly flowing dialogue, one has no difficulty stepping into the story and staying there. Keller is a strong, honorable and disciplined man yet he is not without flaws. Chrystobel has been put through hell, yet is brave enough to grab a chance at happiness. Secondary characters shine while the villain is wily and dangerous. Alternating between tension and delight will have one sighing in satisfaction when the last page is finally turned. A truly swoon-worthy read!


Carol Conley