Nazi Saboteurs on the Bayou


When German spies are tasked with destroying an American boat factory during World War II it’s up to a Mafia crime boss to help avert a disaster before it can happen.  From British spies living in Cuba, Navajo code-talkers in the Pacific and British code breakers, the race is on to survive the raging war with a battle on the home front most never heard about.  Can an unlikely alliance between the Carolla family from Sicily and a Havana banker help thwart a deadly domino effect before it ever begins?


Even with a relatively short existence, America is by no means a stranger to spies. A war buff’s dream book, “Nazi Saboteurs on the Bayou” is filled with fact, folk lore and WWII details woven tightly to give readers a surprising glimpse into days gone by.  Non-WWII buff readers may feel lost in this multi-layered tale which reveals new characters and a new subplot with each chapter. As such, readers may feel mired in enormous amount of facts and the high body count maybe off putting to non-war readers.  The writing style, a strictly timeline point-of-view, does not lend itself to a straightforward cohesive portrait of each person’s role in this tale, given the high number of characters to sift through.  Some readers may find that there is more telling of the events than there are painted scenes for readers to digest, while war buffs will thrive. Kudos for bringing this little-known history in the south during to light. 


Jordyn Teel