Naughty or Nice Anthology: A Holiday Regency Anthology

Bree Wolf, Sydney Jane Baily, Tracy Sumner, Fenna Edgewood, Charlie Lane, Jennifer Monroe, Meredith Bond

Edie becomes ensnared in her plan to find Addie a suitable fiancé. Jasper promises his dying father he would wed within the year. Is Edie for him? Lord Geoffrey Diamond has eyes for Lady Caroline. The obstacle? Their parents have been feuding since before their birth! Heiress Francine Shaw flees her native America leaving scandal behind. She must find a titled man to wed. Viscount Remington finds himself in need of a governess for his ward. Francine steps into the position. The Dower Countess Colworth expects to be criticized and accused of murder. She gets nothing but sympathy and love, especially from Ashley, who works in the stables. A forbidden love blooms! Lady Pippa is caught kissing the steward, Bram, by Grandmama, and Pippa is banished from Scotland. Grandmama comes to England for the holidays bringing Bram with her. She will bring one of them back with her. Which shall it be? Mr. Phillip Rutley has only bad luck and is teetering on bankruptcy. He wishes to wed Agnes, but has nothing to give her. Trouble follows Prudence. At the house party she meets Alexander, the brother of the prince of Aachen-Duren. He sees her at her worst.

A dazzlingly different array of Christmas tales guaranteed to put one into the Christmas spirit! Though each story is diverse, many of them touch on the subject of forbidden love for the times. Each story is cleverly crafted to bring a strong hero and heroine to life in a believable world setting. The descriptions are divine and make one really empathize with the characters through their trials and tribulations. Because of the short length of the stories, little time is spent on the secondary characters in several of the tales so they tend to be one dimensional. Some stories dragged in parts, but then picked up their pace before the end. A beautiful piece for escapism into the Christmas season, or any season of the year!

Belinda Wilson