Naughty Earls Need Love Too (That Wicked O’Shea Family #7)


Maeve has always admired Lord Avery. In fact, she is in love with him even though he is a part of the scandalous O’Shea family. She knows marriage for her will inevitably be soon but can’t help but hope it is with Lord Avery. There is one problem, her best friend Alice is determined to marry him too. Alice needs to marry soon because she has a secret child that was conceived out of wedlock. She doesn’t want to be ruined. So now these two best friends are both determined to win the affections of Lord Avery.  It becomes quite obvious who Lord Avery prefers, but now he has become the reason for contention between these two friends. Will everyone find their happy endings or will friendships be ruined forever?

This historical love story is very short but sweet. However, it does not feel completely historically accurate for the time; more like a contemporary story within a historical backdrop. Merry Farmer loves to add a little wicked streak in some of her characters and that goes for this book as well. Unfortunately, Alice is unbearable. She is cruel and manipulative. If that isn’t frustrating enough, Maeve is willing to throw away everything for her. Then there is Lord Avery, how can he find either one of these women attractive when they both act like such children? But the pace moves quickly and it will inspire readers to look into the other book of the series. If readers are looking for a quick entertaining story, then this is it!

Amanda Hupe