Naapiikoan Winter


In the heart of a Naapiikoan winter, change has come to the Piikani tribes in the form of the white man and his search for beaver skins. Told from multiple perspectives, the tale combines experiences of a Mexican woman kidnapped and sold by the natives until she ends up as a medicine woman, a young man indentured to the Hudson Bay Company, and the tribal members themselves torn between the old ways and the changes brought by the white man. Full of romance, traditions, dreams, and change, “Naapiikoan Winter” addresses what it was like for both the white traders and the native tribes, what will be gained and what traditions and beliefs sacrificed in face of the changes?


"Naapiikoan Winter" is a historical novel rich in traditions and a bit of magic, and will give many readers a new look at what it was like for the native tribes when the European traders began to spread across the Americas. Although the romance is a bit forced, and a lot of the story is told or happens off screen, the characters are diverse, the pace smooth, and the focus of the story is somewhat unique among historical novels that usually portray the natives as either all bad or all victim, whereas this story provides a good balance of imperfect people some holding on to their traditions, and others ready to embrace change. Despite the cliff hanger ending, readers will find themselves looking forward to more of the tale and hope that the sequel releases soon.


Sarah E. Bradley