Mystical Love

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Aisley has always been aware of the dangers of the Gypsy way of living even though her own life has been happy and tranquil. Then, one day, she spies a beautiful man in the lake and nothing is the same again. Sam is incredibly happy when he sees Aisley.  Although he hasn't seen her since she was much younger, but always wanted to make her his wife. True, they don’t have an auspicious start, but he is confident he could successfully woo her. If only their problems were that simple…

An unusual, but fascinating, setting for a story. Seeing the inner workings of a Gypsy camp made for a gratifying experience. As for Aisley and Sam – they do make a good couple, and Sam’s courage and loving ways are great to see. It would’ve been even better if the process of them falling in love was shown, as it leaves something to be desired when they just fell in love at first sight. Also, Aisley did make some questionable decisions, but it can be chalked up to her emotional state. Nevertheless, it is still a charming story.  It reads smoothly, but would have benefited from better relationship development as well as a tiny bit less drama.


Ana Smith