The Mystery of Miss Mason (The Lost Lords Book 5)


Alexander Carnahan has been shunned by society ever since being tried for the death of his wife. He claims his innocence and has no choice but to dig up his own evidence to clear his name. One night while inspecting a suspect, Alexander happens upon a young woman named Mary Mason who is trying to escape her abductors. Alexander takes her back to his meager estate and nurses her back to health. Mary Mason is very aware who the man is, for his name is attached to many rumors. She doesn’t see the evil man he is painted as. When it turns out that Mary’s abductors are linked to the same people who framed Alexander, the couple works together to solve this mystery. But can they prevent themselves from falling in love with one another?

It is absolutely impossible to put this regency romance down! The writing flows so beautifully, full of wonderful descriptions that make the reader feel like they are in the story. This is not the average romance either. It is filled with crime, mystery and major plot twists! If only all the plot details were wrapped up in the end... but that will just encourage readers to pick up the next book. The plot is not only well-developed but also filled with the most enticing characters. Alexander never gives up, no matter how low he has fallen. Mary is kind and does not judge Alexander based on the opinions of other people. Sometimes, all people need is a chance and someone to believe in them. This book will have readers getting lost amongst the captivating pages!

Amanda Hupe