Mysterious Lover (Crime and Passion, Book 1)


Lady Grizelda Niven's meeting with Dragan Tsiza occurs over the dead body of her maid! When he's arrested, she's certain he is innocent. Upon his release, she engages his help to find out the truth of who murdered her maid, Nancy. In Dragan, Grizelda finds a kindred spirit. Like Grizelda, who hides her true self from the world, Dragan also is more than he seems. The two team up to trace the path taken by Nancy, and discover it leads into the rookeries. What was Nancy doing? Danger mounts and an attempt is made on their lives. Dragan knows he has little to offer the daughter of a duke, but Grizelda is the woman who has brought meaning into his life. He'll do everything he can to protect her. Unfortunately, Nancy's murderer has other plans for Grizelda, and only one of them can triumph!

"Mysterious Lover" has it all - mystery, romance, and intrigue! Set during the mid-eighteenth century, this Victorian romance expertly weaves in the plight of exiled Hungarian nobles with unrest in Britain. Grizelda captivates readers with her intense curiosity and compassion for those less fortunate, while Dragan pulls the reader in with his strong sense of honor and intense loyalty. The author deftly builds all of the story’s characters, giving them depth and purpose. The romance builds slowly as Dragan and Grizelda work to solve the mystery. As a result, the love scene seems rushed at the end. However, "Mysterious Lover" has all the ingredients of a page turner and will thrill and delight readers with its surprise-ending twist!

Tricia Hill