My Victorious Knight (Midsummer Knights #5)


Lady Elora knows that she needs to marry to ensure her family’s success, but is a marriage full of love and passion too much to ask? Her brother is the undefeated champion, yet he’s determined to set her up with a knight of means who will take care of her. Sir Julien is also undefeated. Granted, he has only been in one tournament, but he needs to make a name for himself. After leaving the home of his cruel father, he is just another penniless knight and can’t afford any distractions. The moment he sees Lady Elora, his heart is forever hers. But her brother would never approve of a lowly knight. When some of the other knights commit rather unchivalrous deeds, he must make a decision to stoop to their level or keep his honor.

Who doesn’t love a charming read full of jousting and knights? There is enough action to keep the pages turning until one finds that they are at the end of the book. At just over 200 pages, this book is the perfect afternoon read! One of the best aspects of this book is the theme of honor. Sir Julien will not take help from anyone, nor will he sabotage other knights to win. He trains and learns constantly. It is wonderful to see a character that refuses to jeopardize his code of honor. Elora is a delight, who can also be a bit naive. She is strong and a perfect match for Julien. Their chemistry is off the charts but their love is also so pure! Jump back in time and enjoy this tale of knights, honor, and love.

Amanda Hupe