My Steadfast Love


Liam MacGregor reluctantly attends the wedding of his mother and Laird Fraser. At the end of the festivities, Laird Fraser announces he is stepping down and names Liam as his successor and heirr. Shocked by the news, Liam speaks to Fraser and his mother in private about the situation. He learns his entire life is built on lies. Venora Fraser chose not to go to the wedding, but to stay in seclusion as she always has. She too, has dark secrets only Laird Fraser knows. Liam and Venora’s paths cross at the castle keep, where he takes immediate notice of this beautiful girl and is quickly entrapped by love.

“My Steadfast Love” quickly catches the attention of the reader and never lets go until the last page. Mystery and deceit hides between the pages of this story and keeps one guessing until the final reveal. Ms. Limoges is a wizard at her craft and makes it a joy to follow each of her characters on the journey that is their lives. There are times when the pacing is too fast, and it is difficult to keep up with the action in the novel. The world building is superb and lends much to the story as it unfolds. The historical facts are believable throughout the piece. A truly unique story, for those who like Scottish literature, “My Steadfast Love” is a winner!

Belinda Wilson