My Rival, My Love: De Wolfe Pack Connected World


Cecily Fayrefax is surprised to receive a letter and key from her departed mother upon her 25th birthday. She is further surprised when she is directed to Simon Clarke, a goldsmith who owns a mysterious box her key unlocks. When the pair unites to open the box, they find themselves with more than one mystery to solve, and an undeniable attraction between them, with neither ready to give in. They clash over what to do with the mysterious contents, as they each are certain their way is the best way. Will love help the pair agree or will their disagreements allow trouble to separate them for good?

A light Medieval romance set in the de Wolfe Pack world, “My Rival, My Love” is a story with a great deal of mystery and even more sizzling attraction! Cecily is trying to overcome the loss of her husband and her fears of becoming independent. Simon is so focused on providing for his sisters that he is not prepared to find love himself. While some of the conflict and instant relationships feels contrived and easily overcome, the major flaw in this tale is the lack of conclusion over how the box and contents came to be in either of their family’s hands. Further, the romance felt somewhat forced. Still, the mystery was interesting, and the tension and conflict over the box and its contents was well done. Overall, this is a fun, light read for fans of Medieval romance and the deWolfe Pack. 

Sarah E Bradley